We are a modern company whose main activity is the production, commercialization and distribution of machines for the entire industry.
Mission: We intend to be recognized as a leader in the field of metal mechanic industry, motivated by criteria of quality, excellence and differentiation.
Vision: We want to be authenticated as a reference company in a national and international levels for the ability to manufacture value­added products being placed in 'Top Tier' of the sector in which it operates.
Values: We are a responsible company, very flexible and with a production capacity above average. Our financial strength allows us to obtain a estruturacional sustainability which distinguish us from any other competition.

Founded on June 5, 2007, the company focused primarily on the manufacture and commercialization of machines for textile industry. Restricted exclusively to this sector the company was obliged, faced to economic and financial constraints experienced in recent years in this sector, to find solutions in order to remain competitive in their market. Given these facts, the company, decides to verticalize, innovate and diversify their production structure and customizing their own products. Continuous innovation is one of company policies, envisions a future with greater capacity and responsiveness to their customers as well as greater automation of the entire production process. Cultifusão is a forward­looking company being the internationalization part of our main goals.

We have a wide portfolio of clients, nationally and internationally, in the following business sectors:
Cultifusão metalúrgica de Precisão, Lda
Rua Sezim, São Tiago de Candoso
4835-249 Guimarães, Portugal
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